Every wonder what life is like at the CWR for the people who live and work here?  Let’s take a quick look into the Secret Lives of the Covered Wagon Crew…

Our days begin early.  Wranglers are at the barn around 6 to get horses ready for the day.  At 7 we all meet at the Lodge for breakfast, where Kurt and Melissa lead our morning meeting, complete with the daily horoscope reading.  After breakfast we all head off to work.

Dinner time!


Introducing, the Sandwich Fairy


Ready to ride


On important ranch business


A fresh drink of water


Hard at work or hardly working?


Of course, one of the great perks of working on this ranch is the food and the riding.  All the crew are welcome and encouraged to join guests for our chef’s delicious meals.  We also get to join guests on rides (for free!) on our days off.



Not everyone is a big rider, but we have plenty of other options for our free time.  Yellowstone National Park is only a little ways down the road, hiking and fly-fishing in the Gallatin National Forest are phenomenal, and opportunities for white-water rafting, zip-lining, and more abound.  Bozeman, an hour north, offers excellent dining and shopping, and is home to the Museum of the Rockies.  There’s always the neighborhood bar as well, for those so inclined.

I meant The Corral, not the corral.