Everyone loves the horses at the Covered Wagon Ranch.  But what about the other furry friends who live here?  We are also home to four dogs, a pig, two goats, and three cats.

Hersheys and Sourpatch can usually be found hanging around the barn, nibbling up spilled hay and climbing all over the side-by-side.  They may be shy at first, but once you get in a few chin scritches they’ll be your best friends. 

Meatloaf is our professional hunter (despite his adorably derpy appearance in this photo).  His job is to keep the place free of any pests.  And to be snuggled.  Mostly to be snuggled.  Meatloaf was wondering the Madison valley making his way from ranch to ranch when the final ranch he landed at decided to take him to the shelter. Melissa couldn’t allow that, so she intercepted him and brought him home with her. Anyone who remembers Devil Cat will certainly be taken aback when they see Meatloaf lounging in the sunshine or spend anytime with him, he even drools like she did!

Tommy is our hunter in training. Melissa decided she need some mousers for the property after learning a girl she barrel races with had a litter that she needed homes for. Tommy has already become very adept at catching moths and flies.  Watch your feet because he is still small. 

Nelly is always first in line for appetizers.  She may seem aloof, but she enjoys a nice belly scratch just like everyone else.  Be careful when you approach her because she is skittish and may squeal and run away if you move too fast.  The Pucketts got her when she was just a baby.  She is a micro teacup Juliana but the dandelions are too tempting. 

Ozzy’s favorite pastime is sunbathing.  He also enjoys head pats and staring lovingly up at people who happen to be holding food.  The Pucketts rescued him from a shelter in Idaho where he had spent a whole year. 

Camillo is the ranch guard dog.  At least he thinks he is.  Still in training, he might give a bark when you first arrive, but don’t be fooled.  He is super sweet and loves everyone he meets.  The Pucketts brought him back from vacation in Costa Rica when they learned that his owner had to give him up.  From beach resort to mountain ranch, Camillo has a long history in the hospitality industry. 

Ella would just love if you could pet her all day long.  She adores attention and is the friendliest dog on the ranch.  Just in case you’re wondering, that is a poodle-border collie you’re looking at.