It is that time of year again! Take some time to read about our 2024 Staff! We are fortunate to have a lot of returns this year…. some that will catch you by surprise of their return…..

Jessica-Wrangler (2022, 2023)

Howdy! My name is Jessica, I’m one of your wranglers, and this will be my third summer at the Covered Wagon. My first season, Kurt would joke that I had signed a five-year contract and wasn’t allowed to leave. Turns out, it may not have been a joke! I’m so excited to welcome all our new guests this summer, to see all my favorites from summers passed, and to meet our amazing new crew. I was born in Germany, grew up in the DC area, attended college in Boston, and spent this past winter season in Wickenburg, Arizona. That being said, there’s no place like the Covered Wagon to spend a summer (or several), and I am so looking forward to finding new trails and frolicking amongst the elk with all of you!

Dan Kirsten & Ivy (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)

Hello, my name is Kirsten Goodrick, this summer will be my sixth summer with the Covered Wagon Ranch! I am the Executive Chef, and I am looking forward to cooking for everyone. I grew up in WA and NH and have a big family that I love to visit. On my off time I love spending time with my husband and baby girl, Ivy, and cooking up whatever I can from scratch. I’m looking forward to meeting new people this summer as well as seeing old friends. 

Dan here, some people call me Ace Ventura Covered Wagon detective ha-ha! I’m happy to call this ranch my home, this is my sixth summer as a Wrangler here! I have the unique and wonderful opportunity to live here with my Wife, daughter, and our dog, Charlie, year-round. My wife, Kirsten, is the Executive Chef and Ivy Marie, our newest addition, you will see around the ranch. I am notoriously known for bush whacking and have this amazing obsession with Buckskin Charlie (he’s a cool dude I’ll tell you all about him-even named my dog after him). I also am the ranches high-end photographer; my specialty is cutting out guest’s heads on photographs. All kidding aside, this ranch means so much to me, and the people that make this place what it is. I hope you find the peaceful vacation that you need and want. This place is truly magical and if you let the rest of the world be put on pause and soak this environment in, you’ll never want to leave. I cannot wait to see all the return guests that come here every year and for those of you that will be new, welcome! Hope to see you on the trails!


“Hello, my name is Raegan Helton and this is my 1st season at Covered Wagon Ranch. Although I was born and raised in Tennessee, I have always dreamed of living out west when I graduated college so getting to work here at Covered Wagon is honestly a dream come true. I have two amazing parents and I am the middle of two boys so of course I am the favorite! I graduated from the University of Tennessee’s College of Agriculture, I am certified in both artificial insemination and ultrasound as well as having my radiology badge and enjoy practicing reproduction and breeding with horses. I love to travel and spend time getting dirty outside but also love any excuse to get dressed up. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with everyone here at the Covered Wagon Ranch, to serve each and every one of you and to help build connections with people from all over the world!”


Hi! My name is Jordan. I was born and raised in North Carolina. Our family then moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan a few years ago. We have Lake Superior all around us! I have traveled in the USA a lot by car. Growing up our family took many trips to the beaches and the mountains of the Carolinas.  I like being outdoors and seeing new things and places. I am excited to be spending the summer in Montana and to live in an area that will be new to me. I am looking forward to being involved in the day-to-day activities of ranch life. I can’t wait to meet people from all around the world!  Fun Fact-Jordan’s sister Brooklyn was our housekeeper two years ago!

Kelsi-Prep Cook

Hi, I’m Kelsi! This is my first season working at the CWR. I was homeschooled for high school and just graduated so I’m excited to spend the summer in Montana! I’ve never been to a horse ranch before so I can’t wait to work and live on this ranch for the summer! I was born in South Carolina but moved to Upper Michigan when I was 9 months old. The last few summers my family moved to our camp on the lake, so I spent a lot of time outside swimming, gardening, and paddle boarding! I love spending time with my family (I have 8 younger siblings, so they keep me busy!) I also enjoy cooking, baking, and reading (especially about the wild west and pioneer times) I can’t wait to meet everyone and make some fun memories!


Hi, I’m Paige, and I’ve got a free spirit that’s led me here to the Covered Wagon Ranch, all the way from Washington state! Although it’s my first season, I’m no stranger to the hospitality scene, having studied it back in high school and learning all about giving guests the best experience possible. I have a passion to travel all over the world, but there’s always been something about the open range and the cowboy way of life that just speaks to me. Growing up, I spent summers at my grandpa’s ranch in Eastern Oregon, soaking in every bit of the wide open space and gorgeous scenery. Now, as the housekeeper for the Covered Wagon Ranch, I’m ready to bring a touch of hospitality to every corner of this beautiful place! So even though I might still be learning the ropes as a cowgirl, you can bet I’m all in for the adventure and I can’t wait for a memorable summer!


Hey ya’ll! My name is Brenna Claire (double name lol) and I am through the moon to be working as your wrangler this summer! I am from Huntsville, Alabama and recently graduated from the University of Alabama with an accounting degree. I grew up riding horses and have been lucky enough to stay at CWR as a guest a few times in the past. From my first visit at the ranch, (almost 10 years ago) I have dreamt of holding this very position. I am ecstatic to be on the other side of the ranch now, eager to provide each of you with the same unforgettable experience that made me fall in love with CWR and this beautiful country. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you- let’s have the best summer ever!

Grace-Kid’s Wrangler/Nanny (2023)

Hi, my name is Grace Brasseaux, and I am so excited to be returning for my second season at the Covered Wagon Ranch! I enjoyed so many fun adventures as a Wrangler last season with the Covered Wagon’s awesome guests and crew, and I am so grateful. This summer, I will be coming back as the Nanny for the ranch, and I am ready to explore with Braxton, Sawyer, and the other guests! When back home in Louisiana, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, barrel racing with my sister, and working in a PreK classroom. The Covered Wagon is a special place with special people, and I am so excited to see our returning guests and crew and welcome new ones as well. 

Sophie-Breakfast-Lunch Chef (2022, 2023)

Hello, my name is Sophia Brandt! I come from Kansas but call home wherever I wander to. I come from a long line of Midwesterners; so I love spending time outside and with all sorts of critters. During my free time, you can find me doing stupid things like jumping off bridges, chasing wildlife through the woods, climbing mountains, and collecting random treasures. This is my third year at the Covered Wagon Ranch. As the breakfast and lunch chef, I love to start everyone’s day off right with a hearty breakfast and a hot pot of coffee. I love learning new things and enjoy meeting each new face and hearing all about the days’ adventures over dinner. I serve dinner on Sundays; so when you check in, pop your head in the kitchen to say hello! 

Caleigh-Wrangler (2018, 2019, 2022)

Hello, my name is Caleigh Check! As a fourth-time returnee to the Covered Wagon Ranch, I’ve been a part of this wonderful ranch family since the young age of 16! This place has played a pivotal role in shaping who I am today, and I couldn’t be more blessed to say that. I spent last summer in the area but am excited to return to the CWR this summer. I am known for always having lots of snacks on the trail and my love for Pendleton! I am currently pursuing a degree in nursing, but my heart always leads me back here. I’m thrilled to meet all our guests this summer and share the magic of this special place with each of you!

Mia-Ranch Hand

Hey there! I’m Mia Copeland, and I couldn’t be more excited to kick off my first season at Covered Wagon Ranch! I was born in the small town of Lander, Wyoming, only a few hours East of here. I’ve spent most of my life exploring the Montana and Wyoming area, including much time enjoying the wild beauty of Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons. On a typical summer afternoon, you will probably find me waist-deep in a mountain stream fly fishing! If you are interested in learning or just want information on the current hatches, give me a holler! I love to ride horses, backpack, rock climb, and canyoneer. Count me in for any outdoor adventure. I pride myself on my nose-to-the-grindstone attitude and contagious positivity. Ask me questions about the area’s flora and fauna or the best-hidden spots nearby! I am excited to welcome guests to the ranch and show off this magnificent area that I call home.

Gordon (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)

As much as I say I am going to leave, the Covered Wagon Ranch just keeps me here. I was born and raised in Montana (raised my three kids in Washington) and as much as I would like to retire and move to Alaska, Kurt and Melissa have made the Covered Wagon Ranch home for the last six years. I have known Melissa’s family for years and was originally recruited to come remodel their house in Three Forks six years ago. Since remodeling their house I have built the Corona Café, remodeled the barn, remodeled the App trailer, built many structures at Braxyer, including the cabin that was just wrapped up this month. I am usually found on the four-wheeler stocking firewood, repairing screen doors-the dogs like to push through to see the guests, or caretaking the Covered Wagon grounds. I avoid meals like the plague but sometimes can catch me in the Café early for coffee and bacon! 

Claire Suzanne-Server

Hello, my name is Claire Suzanne and I am excited for my first season here at the ranch!

I’m from the sunny state of Florida; I grew up in Richmond, Virginia and Jacksonville, Florida. I’m currently pursuing a master of public health degree in epidemiology at the University of North Florida, and am anticipating graduating this August. I’ll be conducting research involving ticks this summer, in addition to working at CWR. After working in Alzhiemer’s disease research and zoonotic disease research for the last two years in a lab setting, I’m excited to spend time in nature in such a beautiful setting while completing my degree. I love the outdoors, hiking, horseback riding, and learning about trees! Fun Fact-Her mom and Kurt are first cousins.

Hannah-Office Manager (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, Part Time-2022 & 2023)

I’m back!  I told Melissa I would stick around until I found a job I liked better, and I still haven’t, so now I’m back ready for round six (full time).  Currently (and hopefully forever) I live in the Gallatin Valley near Bozeman with my fiancé Travis, and our two dogs and cat.  You may see my pup Yogi around this summer too.  She is a shaggy, black, golden-eyed monster and is a littermate of Puckett’s dog, Ella. When I’m not squinting at the computer in the office, I’ll be out soaking up the summer.  I love to hike, canoe, camp, fish, and lounge in the sunshine.  I might not have too much time for road trips this year, but I’ll get out to explore my new home state as much as I can.  I hope you come to love it as much as I do! 

Shandi-Alternate/ Ranch Nanny

Hello, my name is Shandi Traffie! I was born and raised in a small town in southern New Hampshire. I am the third oldest in a family of thirteen children! I have two nephews and one niece that I love with all my heart (when they say aunt life is the best life they aren’t lying)!  I have been around children all my life so I would say nannying Braxton and Sawyer and any other ranch kids would be a perfect fit for me! Part of my working life has been being a nanny as well as working in food service and retail, so I am excited to help work out all over the ranch. I am a very adventurous person and am always happy to make new friends! I love to spend time with friends and family, go hiking and travel. I have traveled to many places in the US and also Finland and Norway! I am so excited for this new adventure and the opportunity to work with you all! Fun Fact– Shandi is a relative of the Traffie family who has sent a lot of family members to the ranch to work over the years -Minda, Sharon, Alissa, Ashlyn and Clarissa use to babysit her!

Ryan-Colt Starter/Trainer

Hello, my name is Ryan Hicks and I have been starting colts since I’ve been 16 years old. I have developed a passion for helping and teaching young horses since I was a teenager. I’ve spent the past 3 years starting colts and cowboying in western Montana. I love to brand calves and make team roping horses. I enjoy packing and taking my colts in the mountains as well as cowboying and roping outside on them all. I look forward to my time at Covered Wagon Ranch and can’t wait to see what the summer has in store. 


Hey, my name is Julia Howell, I am from a small town in Georgia, not too far outside of Atlanta and this will be my first season at Covered Wagon Ranch! After graduating high school I went to and graduated from Cosmetology school and got licensed. In between doing hair I have also found a love working in the service industry, which is why I thought an opportunity like this would be good for me! In my free time I love listening to music, being outside, going to concerts, and being with animals. I am so excited for the opportunity to work with you all at the Covered Wagon Ranch and can’t wait to meet new guests from all over the world!