Thanks to Erin, super wrangler, our horse “Commanche”  has found a new job at the ranch.  Erin came strolling up to the Friday night BBQ a few weeks ago with Unicorn in hand. It was a big hit at the ranch.

Although Robby, Matt, Dan and Tracey have been to the ranch several times, they must admit they never saw a Unicorn here before. It was a magical night.

So for those of you who think that Montana Dude Horses at a Dude Ranch are boring, we’re here to tell you that it gets pretty exciting here at the Covered Wagon Ranch !


PS I’m politely ignoring the fact that I’ve been extremely delinquent in writing 🙂 We’re so busy this summer and having so much fun I hardly have time to write! I have so much to share: the Grizzlies that Steve and Sheila saw for the very first time, the Rodeo on Fourth of July, the amazing rides we’re getting in this summer, new trails: such as “Boones Wander”, and the list goes on. I promise to sit down on this computer and make time!