oprahonfullmoon003Now that’s a cowboy, right there!! Alan visited the ranch this fall and has become a very special friend to me. It’s funny how those relationships develop at the ranch, isn’t it? He fell in love when he was at the Covered Wagon, and this is a picture of the love of his life!

I ran into some very hard times over Christmas when I thought my dad was going to pass away. For some unknown Divine Intervention, Alan and I started emailing each other. It turns out that he was in a very similar situation as myself at one point in his life, and he offered some incredible words of advice. It was through his guidance that helped me move through this crisis, and by the way, Dad is doing fine now.

Alan shared how much he enjoyed the ranch, but also how much he loved our horses and the rides. You guessed it – Oprah was his trusty steed!

Now for the Special Request. In my next blog, Alan wants me to explain all the different locations I talk about: the CWR, Raspberry Butte Ranch and Love Lane. Til next time, Alan, and thank you for being such a great friend! I just wanted to make sure I gave you credit for the next idea for the blog!