Hello from the Covered Wagon and the Pucketts! Things around here have been pretty hectic and busy! We have had a very strange winter and are being teased with the idea of spring. Although we still have a foot and half of snow at the ranch it is rapidly leaving and the valley is dry and gorgeous! We are excited for spring because that means projects and preparing for another season at the ranch. So what has been happening here in our part of the world?


The horses are back at Hollow Top Ranch and enjoying their time off. They work extremely hard for six months of the year and get to be horses and enjoy life in their natural environment the other six months of the year. They LOVE their jobs and what they do. There is nothing more humbling then going to winter pasture and seeing 75 head of horses running and playing together. The temperatures are quite a bit warmer at winter pasture and it is lower elevation so they do not get the snow we do at the ranch. It is already feeling like spring over there and it won’t be long and the grass will be turning green. Last Friday we brought in Rita (Miranda’s Mom) in from pasture because she is due to foal next month. We are excited to have another baby on the ranch this spring and the end of May we will gather up the herd and bring the rest of them home to prepare for guests arrival. Until then they will continue to enjoy pasture and their time off.

So many of you stay in contact with us throughout the year and frequently check in on the busy toddler.


Braxton just turned 2 and is growing like a weed and is so busy. He had surgery on January 4th and got tubes in his ears and his tonsils and adenoids taken out and he is a completely different kid. He is into everything and loves climbing on things. He has to be right there underfoot and have his hand in everything we do. Kurt and I just pack him with and he loves the tractor and the horses.


Of course Two Ton is on the top of his list and he would spend all afternoon riding if we let him. He loves to ride. He is also quite the music man. Kurt’s parents had Kurt’s guitar he had as a kid restored for Braxton and he plays his while daddy plays almost every day. He will be all practiced up for this summer’s Friday Night Cookout!


I am not sure who is more excited for the snow to be gone and spring to get here Kurt or me! We have quite a few colts we will be starting this spring and Kurt definitely has a passion for it. He also has a long honey do list of things that need to get done this spring and ideas for making the ranch better. Braxton and him are pretty big buddies and seem to always being getting into some kind of trouble together.   

As for me I am doing good and finding the joy in life more than ever. In February I lost my grandmother who had a big part in raising me and my love and passion for horses. As hard as it has been in losing her I found myself more than ever and feel her with me when I ride. One of my New Year’s goals was to pursue my dream to barrel race like she did and Kurt has been right there supporting me 100%. We had the opportunity to go to a Martha Josey Clinic in New Mexico last month and I learned so much information and had a great time. We have been hitting up the local jackpots and hopefully this summer you will see me competing in the rodeo every Wednesday night!

The ranch is doing great and reservations are amazing! We are almost completely booked up for this summer and weeks are already being sold out for next summer. We are so blessed to have you as our ranch family and let us do what we love. We are beyond excited for this summer and everything has in store for us! In the meantime continue to follow us and like our Facebook page if you haven’t already done so!

Happy Trails,