Covered Wagon Ranch History

Explore the Montana Ranch History of Covered Wagon Ranch

The Montana ranch history runs deep here at Covered Wagon Ranch, which was was founded in 1925 by Vic Benson Sr. and his wife Eda.

The Benson Family in Montana Dude Ranch History

Vic Sr. and Eda ran this ranch as a Guest Ranch ever since the first cabin was built in 1925! The first cabins Vic built hand-built  are still being used! They are our Daly Creek and Big Springs Creek Cabins. The rest of the cabins were hand constructed in the years to come. Of 10 guest cabins, seven have wood burning stoves for heat and three have propane. All now have private baths. In keeping with their Montana Tradition, the Covered Wagon Ranch has been entertaining guests right here for over 95 years!

Vic Sr. and Eda had only one son…Vic Jr. After his parents passed away Vic Jr. took care of his inheritance. In 1983, Will King came in to the picture as a partner and  he  helped run the ranch.

Will King’s Place in Montana Dude Ranch History

In 1992 Will bought out Vic Jr, but Vic continued to stay at the ranch until his passing in the spring of 1998. Will developed the excellent horse program that we are still so proud of; and also added the Main Lodge, the Rec Hall, the barn and several cabins to the ranch. These changes have enabled the Covered Wagon Ranch to grow, without sacrificing the rich Montana traditions that we offer our guests today! We believe in keeping it the way it was when guests were visiting us in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and on!

Naccarto & Taylor in Montana Dude Ranch History

In June of 2005, Debi Naccarto and Jerry (Jt) Taylor, of Bozeman, purchased the ranch. They brought renewed energy to the ranch and a great deal of expertise on the business end of things.

Today at the Covered Wagon

In 2011, Kurt and Melissa came in as a partner and purchased the ranch from JT and Debi in the spring of 2013. Kurt and Melissa both grew up in ranching and farming families and are proud to share the love and passion they have for horses and the outdoors with their guests and crew. Since closing on the ranch they have created a breeding and training program they are proud of and upgraded things on the ranch to make it more horse and guest friendly. Both Kurt and Melissa pride themselves in their devotion to the ranch. Melissa is both a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist and PEMF Practitioner and is dedicated to their horses. Kurt prides himself in horsemanship and training to be the best in their industry. The two of them hold their horses at high regard. In addition, because of the size of the ranch you can count on finding Kurt, Melissa and their sons, Braxton (7) and Sawyer (4), working side by side with the employees throughout the year.  It is their goal to maintain the legacy, left behind by the Benson family, Will, and JT and Debi.


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