There’s a new girl on the ranch!  Tassel the filly was born on June 3 to Rain Dancer.  She had a bit of a rough start, but now she’s healthy and happy, and stealing hats like a pro.

            Even though Tassel was born a month after her due date, she was what the vet called dismature – meaning she was in the oven but wasn’t cooking.  She didn’t get enough colostrum, her bones were not calcified, and her cartilage was not completely hardened. Tassal spent her first few weeks at the vet, but thanks to Dr. Flint of Montana Equine, she got to come back to the ranch.  After a few more weeks recuperating and letting her cartilage harden, she was able to roam the property with her mom, making friends and delighting guests.

            Sassy and curious, Tassel loves to spend her days nibbling guests’ sleeves, playing with the ranch dogs, and getting her neck scratched.  Some day she might take guests out on the trail, but for now she’s busy stealing their hearts.