On our way up to feed the horses today, we run into a herd of deer!

Well, typical Montana Easter and Spring Time in the Rockies. JT and I headed up to Raspberry Butte today to feed the horses. First we spot a Golden Eagle on a telephone pole, then we see two Sandhill Cranes along the drive, and as we turn the corner to head up to the ranch we spot this herd of deer.

First step is to drive the flatbed up to where the horses are hanging out.

We head up the hill and can see that these guys (and gals) are just about out of hay. We feed them about once every three days now, as the pasture has been grazed down. Next step is to get the bale off the truck.


Not such an easy task. The horses are hungry and need to stay clear while JT puts the chain around the 1500 lb bale of grass/alfalfa mix and I drive the truck forward!

Rolling the Bale out to form the feed line

Now we’re talking!! First bale rolled out. Second one will be easier now that everybody is being fed!

Now that the feed line is out there, everybody is jockeying for position:

Now McCrae is saying “am I missing something????”

McCrae hasn't quite figured out what's going on-but he soon learns!!

Now everybody is happy!!

Everybody is a happy camper.

And of course, now that the feeding is done, the storm starts to lift. Soon it will be blue sky again! Happy Easter to everyone,

debi and jt