Berkeley, Brayden and Chase Enjoying the Sunshine at the Ranch

Thanks to Mary and Berkeley we’re posting some photos of their stay at the ranch this summer. We get lots of questions from potential guests concerning what their children can do at the ranch if they come to stay. It’s hard to put into words the value of the experiences these kids will receive, and it’s more than just a structured program. Instead, we notice it’s an opportunity for families to vacation on a dude ranch and get to spend quality time together, whether it’s riding a Montana dude Horse, floating inner tubes on the Taylor’s Fork that runs through the ranch, or just having fun with the family. We boast that our ranch is “Screen Free”. No TV, no cell phones, no TV but just a good old family vacation in Montana on a Dude Ranch.

For some, it’s just having the opportunity to wear a cowboy (or cowgirl) hat!

Berkeley's Proud To Be A Cowgirl

For others it’s getting a chance to learn how to rope a calf while we’re enjoying the campfire at our Friday Night BBQ’s.

This Cowgirl Has Learned To Master the Rope During Her Stay At The Ranch

But the biggest smiles usually come when riding their horse. Berkeley loved her

A Picture Says A Thousand Words-And So Does A Smile

horse “Tugboat” and he looked after her safety during her stay.

So all in all, it’s the time together WITH the family and not AWAY from the family that makes the difference and the stuff dreams are made of and a lifetime of memories here at the Ranch..