November 8th, 2009 by Debi Naccarto

And these women are DEFINITELY Crazy Women Riders!! We have Dawn and Linda seated in the front and Murph and Diane standing in the back row. These women were very creative and came up with the CWR nickname (I wish I had thought of that!!) and it only took me about an hour to realize that the Crazy Women Riders name was a spin off CWR. Duh. That week was so much fun and tons of riding. Jeremy and company took us out to see if we could hear the elk bugle, and on one particular day we had the thrill of a lifetime when he called in two huge bulls within 40 yards of where we were! A day that none of us will ever forget. And thanks to Janine for taking the picture of the bull via the belly of Spade as he was tied up to the tree!

RSCN0116 019

How much fun is that??!! Cowgirl Week was such a huge success that we plan to have it every year during the last week of our season. This upcoming year we will have it from September 12-19, so Cowgirls, get your hats on and load up on Tim’s Fabulous Cookies! As you can see, Mary (on the right) our Honorary CWR Family Member, and Janine (on the left) the fabulous photo taker of the elk, are enjoying their snacks. ta ta folks!

DSCN0056 063

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  1. Janine says:

    Deb…..Even though I’m back here in Maine, back to my daily work grind, I’m still basking in the memories of my Covered Wagon Ranch adventures (#1 Day – Elk Bugle). I want to thank you and your fabulous crew for your family-like hospitality. I’m hoping that I will be able to get back next year (Cowgirls Only Week…fingers crossed) to see you all and my trusty mount Oprah to do some more giddy-upping in Montana’s beautiful Gallatin Valley.


    • Debi says:

      Thanks Janine. We hope to see you as well. Horses, especially Oprah, are doing great, despite the cold weather. Take care and thanks for writing.

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