I’m In Love

October 10th, 2009 by Debi Naccarto

Frick and FrackSo many people have asked me “what do you do with all that time off after a Montana Dude Ranch closes”?? Well, it’s pretty boring around here. JT goes off and hunts for days at a time, Jeremy and Darlene and company go back to Big Timber and look after the Montana Dude Horses, train new horses and ride, and I sit at my desk on the computer all day. Boring. Not to mention, it’s 15 degrees out there, snow on the ground and not much fun outside at the moment. So I went to the Hallmark Store to get some birthday cards for a friend-and I fell in love with  these two little guys: Frick and Frack (thanks to my sister Rene’e for naming them!). Two dwarf African Frogs that live in their own little ecosystem. How cool is that?? Now they sit at my desk while I work at the computer and I get to watch them all day. Unfortunately, there is one design flaw…..they’re NOCTURNAL. Oh well. Guess I have to find something else 🙂

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  1. Amy Short says:

    Hi there, you know you are bored if you are talking to baby nocturnal frogs daily. I have an idea for you, get a chihuahua. My little Casadei is the best little friend, she keeps me and John company. If I had my way, I would have a dozen critters running around my house. My mom has 2 baby monkeys with diapers and all. I want a pug- they are so playful. Animals are wonderful- even reptiles- well some- I’ve been going riding every weekend now and we came across a huge, maybe 4 foot water moccasin crossin our trail only a few feet in front of us. I haven’t seen any gators lately, so we’ve been having a great time playing in the swamps with the horses, they love to run through the water that overflows the trails. I can’t stop thinking about Montana and Zeta and CWRanch. sigh….sigh…sigh…. So long from Florida.- Love Amy

  2. judith anderson says:

    mia had tree frogs in her classroom for years, feeding them live crickets. madeline had a few as pets too, including one with a bum leg she named footless. congratulations on your new pals.

  3. madeline says:

    cool!!!! i love frogs 😀 great names 🙂

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