Jeremy and Darlene had taken our 3 fillies (Lilly, Sis and Roxie) up to Raspberry Butte to start their training. Lilly and Sis are both “coming 3 year olds” and Roxie is 2, so it’s time to go to school. They had them in a corral made with electric fence, but the “3 Musketeers” figured they needed to get out and explore their surroundings. When the Young family woke up, here is what they found!

lillyatwindow2 lillyatwindow

I guess Lilly was thinking it was better to get inside the house instead of outside! Or was she just “taking time to smell the roses??” We’ll have more on their schooling in a few days. It was very exciting and they were all such great students (of course, they had an incredible teacher!!!)