Happy New Year 2009!!!

December 31st, 2008 by Debi Naccarto

snowfortbuildingjeremy snowfortbuildingkids snowtracks

Well, another year is about to embark upon us, and we’re really looking forward to it. We wish you happiness, love and success in the year to come. “Things will be fine in 2009”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Raspberry Butte, that is, the snow and the wind is giving Jeremy and Darlene and the little ones much havoc. Although the snow isn’t deep, the wind blows up to 50 mph and keeps drifting them in! Meanwhile, the horses are smart enough to know to keep themselves huddled up in the coulee’s where the wind won’t get them. (see their tracks in the snow?) The Young family don’t have that option. Not to get them down, they take advantage of the snow and have found ways to have fun! That’s one way to shovel the driveway!!

Be careful tonight and please don’t drink and drive. More importantly, watch out for everyone else on the road. If you can stay home, that would be safest. Until next year………….


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year to you too, Debi and JT, plus all your family and staff folks at CWR, Raspberry Butte and also in Bozeman —wherever they are for the winter. I’m so pleased to see Oprah, the horse I rode and fell in love with while at CWR, as your “Cover Girl” (above). I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to those wranglers at CWR who helped make my week there (alone) so enjoyable in September. They were Hallie, Jess and Valerie, all of whom recognized my limitations for riding, mostly orthopedic- (bones and joints ), ‘cuz I’m rapidly approaching 80 years of age. Jess and Valerie gave me one-on-one beautiful rides on the most interesting trails into the most scenic places. Everything about the Covered Wagon Ranch is now indelibly inscribed into this old brain so that in my waning years (now a widower) I’ll always have those fond memories to sustain me — the exceptional care and attention the staff folks there gave to all guests. I’ll alway remember the delicious meals served, the confortable cabin accomodations, the outstanding western ambiance and genuine character and authenticity of a real ranch of 1925s vintage.Thanks for a marvelous experience at CWR! signed, Alan

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