2016 Employment

Montana Dude Ranch Employment Opportunities

Thank you for considering Montana dude ranch employment at Covered Wagon Ranch. We are starting the process of hiring for 2016.  If you are interested please fill out our application!

Our best summers are created when our crew comes together to work and have fun on this timeless guest ranch. We look for those who are personable, fun to be around, have willingness to get the job done…and have fun while doing it! If you are hard working and enjoy the outdoors, please print the application below, fill it out, and send it to us by mail or email. Feel free to call as well. THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE MONTANA DUDE RANCH EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION. YOU MUST PRINT IT OUT OR COPY AND PASTE IT INTO A WORD DOCUMENT.

We offer salary plus room and board, a spectacular area to reside for the summer, wonderful owners to work with, & riding and hiking on days off when a horse is available.

Application for Montana Dude Ranch Employment at Covered Wagon Ranch


Permanent Address:______________________________________________________


Country_______________________ Phone #:________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________

Recent Schooling:_______________________________________________

For what position are you applying? We ask you have some experience in the position you are applying for; however, some of the positions we require experience)

Wrangler (extensive experience with horses and riding/training colts REQUIRED), Ranch Hand (some experience with horses/pack animals preferred able to use chainsaw, tractors etc.), Housekeeper, Office (experience in office preferred), Server/Dishwasher, Alternate (rotate amongst jobs) Dinner Chef/Cook (experienced required), Breakfast/Lunch Chef/Cook (experience required).

Please attach additional piece of paper of your qualifications for  any of the jobs you are applying for.

First Choice ________________ Second Choice_______________________

Date you could start work:_________(Employees MUST start in May).

In order to be considered for employment all of our employees MUST work the entire season. Can you work our entire season (May 15 -Sept. 30)?:_______

Expected Salary per month:______________________ plus room and board and tips.

Height_____Weight_____ (We need to know this for horse/weight restrictions).

Riding Experience (If applying for a wrangler please attach an additional sheet of your riding experience).


Do you have cooking experience? (If Applying for chef position attach an additional piece of paper with your qualifications).


Do you have any special skills or talents?_____________________________________________________________


Do you like children, what is your experience?_____________________________________________________________

Do you have experience with Dude Ranches or Cattle Ranches?_____________________________________________________________


Do you have a current valid U.S. Drivers License? ______________________

Number, State, and Date of Expiration:____________________________________________________

Do we have your permission to run a background check?_________________

If so what is your Social Security Number?____________________________

Date of Birth?___________

Has your license ever been suspended or revoked? _____________________

Are you currently able to drive? _________________

Do you have experience pulling a horse trailer? _______________

Do you have physical disabilities, allergies, or medical conditions that may prevent you from doing your job? If so, what?


What do you do for fun?_____________________________________________________________

How do you plan to get here? (i.e. driving, flying, bus)___________________

We require all of our employees to have current First Aid and CPR training before beginning work. Do you have current First Aid and CPR training?______ With who?_______________

Please attach a list of personal and work references complete with phone number, email address, and mailing address (must include at least 3 people).

We have many applicants each year for every position. In order to get to know you better, it is helpful to put a face to a name. Please send a recent photo of yourself.

Please feel free to attach any other information that you would like to share. i.e. work history, resume, other experience, etc.

By submitting this application, you authorize Covered Wagon Ranch do a driving record check.

Good Luck to you! We look forward to getting to know you!

Send your resume/information to:

Kurt and Melissa Puckett

34035 Gallatin Road
Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730 or email it to  info@coveredwagonranch.com subject: 2014 Employment


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