Wrangler Supplemental Application

Thank you for filling out our online application, this application is a second part to our online application and is strictly for anyone applying to be a Wrangler. The following is information that you would do or may encounter while working at the ranch. Please answer all the questions below honestly.

  1. Do you have any vehicle maintenance experience?
  2. We run 3-4 trucks and trailers on a daily basis. Tell us what you know and experience you have with hauling both bumper pull and goose neck trailers (including how many horses you have hauled and how far).
  3. If no, please explain what you do have.
  4. This is a four-part question please answer truthfully and explain your answers thoroughly.
  5. If no, you will be required to be certified if hired before you start in May.
  6. This is a customer service-based job that requires you to communicate with guests and other staff while caring for and or riding horse(s) and may have to do so under pressure.
  7. We require all our staff to stay the entire season (End of May-Mid October) if you cannot stay until the end of the season your application will be put on the bottom.
  8. Please provide a video of you doing ALL of the following items:
    1. Catching a horse
    2. Haltering
    3. Brushing
    4. Saddling
    5. Getting on
    6. Walking
    7. Trotting
    8. Loping
    9. Getting off
    10. Unsaddling
    11. Anything else you feel would help us get to know you better as a rider (videos from dressage, Western/Hunter Jumper shows, brandings, sortings, rodeos etc.)

    Provide the URL to the video or send it to office@coveredwagonranch.com with your name wrangler video in the subject line ex. “Melissa’s Wrangler Video”. This is a requirement for any wrangler applicant.

A wrangler’s job on the ranch is very important for the safety of our guests and horses. We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this in-depth application.

Kurt & Melissa Puckett

Covered Wagon Ranch

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